Is Dental Sedation Safe for Me and My Kids?

Do you or your child suffer from dental anxiety? Do you need a treatment that may take a long time or may cause discomfort? Dental sedation can help you relax and get the treatment you need. 

However, you may feel some trepidation about receiving dental sedation and how it may affect you. If you have never had dental sedation before, you may also want to ensure that it’s safe and effective. To help you feel better informed about your sedation options, let’s talk about the two most popular dental sedation methods available. 

The Benefits and Side Effects of Laughing Gas 

Many dentists use laughing gas to assist patients during treatment. The laughing gas can help you feel relaxed, and the feeling often gives you the urge to laugh. The gas used in a dentist’s office is safe for both children and adults. 

Why Should I Use Laughing Gas? 

Laughing gas is a great sedation option because you only feel the effects while you are breathing the gas. Once you stop breathing it in, the effects wear off almost immediately. You can even drive yourself home from the dentist. 

When Should I Avoid Laughing Gas? 

While most people don’t have any problems with laughing gas, a few may experience some nausea or feel light-headed. If you are pregnant, many dentists will avoid giving you laughing gas.  

The Benefits and Side Effects of Oral Conscious Sedation 

For dental anxiety or for more intensive dental treatments, the dentist may recommend oral conscious sedation. This form of sedation is given in pill or liquid form about an hour before treatment. Oral sedation puts your body in a deeper state of relaxation than laughing gas. 

When Would I Need Oral Conscious Sedation? 

During oral sedation, you will remain conscious, even though you’ll feel relaxed and sleepy. You may want to consider oral conscious sedation if: 


  • You have severe dental anxiety. 
  • You need a procedure that may take longer than an hour to treat. 
  • You need a tooth, such as a wisdom tooth, pulled. 


You don’t want to have a bad experience at the dentist, which is why so many dentists are offering dental sedation for their patients. 

What Are the Side Effects of Oral Sedation? 

Oral sedation makes you drowsy, so you’ll need to have a friend or family member drive you to and from your appointment. Many patients who use oral conscious sedation may not remember much about their treatment. This often helps patients feel more comfortable about returning to the dentist. 

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