Oral Conscious Sededation

Oral Sedation or Conscious Sedation offers a way for you to get the dental treatment you need without the anxiety. It’s safe and painless. Oral sedation involves taking a small pill prior to dental appointment or here at our office. You are sedated comfortably for 2-6 hours allowing Dr. Avery to perform treatments that are longer than a normal dental appointment.

If you have sensitive teeth, if the noises, smells and taste associated with dental care bother you or are afraid or embarrassed about your teeth, then oral sedation dentistry may be the right alternative for you. During sedation, you are constantly monitored by our staff. You may or may not sleep during the procedure, but are in a relaxed and tranquil state.  You will need someone to drive you to and from our office. We will ensure you a meticulously and respectfully cared for, freeing you from worry stress and anxiety.